Music Video - I am an Angel -  Not Blood Paint - dir.,​ James PM Lee

Comedic Theatrical - The Bathtub Monologues - 

The Perilous Voyage of the Courageous Captain Bathamana - 

​dir., Mark Jaynes & Audrey Selles-Czuk

Joshua R. Pyne

Dramatic-Comedic Theatrical New Work Excerpt - An Awkward Inheritance - ​dir., Kyrie Ellison

[Film, Theatre & Voice-Over Actor]

Musical TheatricalUrinetown - ​dir., David Alpert

​​​​​21 MAY '20:​​​​​​  Josh is ecstatic to have lent his voice-modeling talent to  Sonantic, a seed-funded tech start-up revolutionizing the video-game industry through emotionally-expressive, AI-generated voice acting!


​​14 MAR '20:​​​​​​  Anthony Roesch's staged-reading of Mausoleumdirected by wunderkind Adriana Alter, has been postponed for post-pandemic viewing!